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Life Jacket, Hi-Viz & Work Wear Harness

In some work environments it is not always possible just to wear the traditional full body safety harness over the top of existing work wear, in some occasions the safety harness has to be built into work wear for either ease of use of the wearer or due to other protection issues that might arise.

Some situations for example on construction sites or around the railway, HI-VIZ vest / jackets are mandatory to be worn but wearing a fall protection safety harness with this isn’t always comfortable or convenient so certain manufacturers now offer a safety harness with built in Hi-VIZ vest or in some occasions also built into Jackets as well.

In some situations in particular the Offshore or Water industries that you are required to wear a life jacket in conjunction with a safety harness which isn’t always the most convenient or comfortable, so TRI now offer a safety harness with built in life jacket to solve both of these issues.

Sometimes the working environment means that a harness would be exposed to substances in the atmosphere or within the working area that would mean the fall arrest safety harness would no longer pass pre use inspections. In these situations placing a safety harness within the work wear / overalls themselves would mean extending the lifespan of the harness as well as providing more comfort to the user.

If you are interested in these safety harnesses or would like to discuss them further please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.