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In some applications, a standard safety harness is not suitable to meet the requirements of the environment, or situation, in which it is required. On these occasions, a more specialist harness is required. 

For example, if  welding or grinding at height and generating sparks or weld splatter, a standard harness will not provide protection and will fail  pre-use inspection. On such occasions, a Nomex or Kevlar harness is the ideal harness as it will not be affected by the sparks or splatter.

TRI also offers a Flame harness, which is manufactured from Flame retardant polyester webbing.

A Painters Harness is now produced by Sala. Initially designed for use by Industrial Painters or within Paint Shops, it is now commonly used in dirty environments or where large amounts of oil and grease are likely to be exposed to the harness. This harness has a ‘wipe-clean’ surface, giving it a significantly longer life in these environments.

TRI also supplies harnesses for the Adventure/ Climbing sector, and also, with a harness called Arc Flash, for working within the electrical industry.

If you have any queries with regard to a specific application or a specialist harness, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.