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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services offer an extensive range of more advanced Safety Harnesses 

Most are specifically designed for people who work at height for extended periods and those desiring extra comfort. 

These Safety Harnesses are used in a variety of applications including, Fall Protection, Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint.

Common features of these safety harnesses are shoulder yokes, additional padding, waist belt and quick connect or quick release buckles. 

Traditionally these safety harnesses are found with two attachment points -front and rear and with some, if not all, of the features identified above. 

Some of the most popular products within this range are; Sala Exofit, Sala Exofit XP and Sala Exofit NEX harnesses and these are used in many different industries. In fact TRI's own Sales Director wears the Sala Exofit Safety harness!

TRI offers a large range of products within this sector, from many manufacturers, and to various budgets: 

Sala Safety Harness, Protecta Safety Harness, Ridgegear Safety Harness, P+P (Pammenter & Petrie) Safety Harness, Kratos Safety Harness and Tractel Safety Harness. 

If you have any enquiries with regard to advanced full body safety harnesses, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.