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Selection of the correct lanyard is critical when working at height.

Selection of the wrong lanyard could allow a person to fall when in restraint or allow a person to fall to ground level due to the lanyard being too long. 

There are 3 main different types of lanyard: restraint, shock absorbing or fall arrest and work positioning. Lanyards described in other ways will be a variation of one of these three main types. 

Restraint Lanyards are designed to keep the wearer from reaching an edge, and thereby be unable to fall. In this case, the correction length selection is critical otherwise the wearer is in danger of a fall. A solution to this issue is to use an adjustable restraint lanyard that allows the user to adjust the lanyard to the specific required length. This type is regularly used within access platforms or MEWP’s. Twin leg restraint lanyards are also available for specific applications. 

Fall Arrest, Energy Absorbing or Shock Absorbing Lanyards are used when restraint is no longer an option and the user is in danger of falling from an open edge. The fall clearance of the lanyard is the critical dimension in this case, not only to the floor, but to the nearest obstruction that that could be landed on in the event of a fall i.e. A piece of machinery which is situated below the work area. These lanyards are available in single or twin or double leg versions and some manufacturers also offer adjustable lanyards 

Work Positioning Lanyards, sometimes called Pole Straps are traditionally used in the utilities sector, and are available in both arrest and restraint versions. These are more technical products and are made to the specific requirements of the user and application.

Specialist Lanyards are becoming more a part of our client’s requirements to solve specific issues within the workplace; one such lanyard is the Sala Wrapbax, which allows the user to use the lanyard as an anchor strop and lanyard combined.

TRI works with a selected group of companies who manufacture within the UK, and we can design and produce lanyards manufactured to specific requirements or lengths as well as standard stock lengths, some of these manufacturers are;

Ridgegear Restraint & Fall Arrest Lanyards, Sala Fall Arrest Lanyards, Protecta Restraint & Fall Arrest Lanyards and Transweb Restraint & Fall Arrest Lanyards.

If you have a query regarding any type of lanyard or require help with the selection of the correct lanyard, then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.