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Fall Arrest, Energy Absorbing or Shock Absorbing Lanyards

When using restraint lanyards to keep the worker from the edge is no longer a viable solution, then fall arrest lanyards also known as shock absorbing lanyards are an ideal solution when working within a fall arrest situation.

Fall Arrest Lanyards come in many forms to meet user’s different applications and requirements. The standard fall arrest lanyard is the single leg shock absorbing lanyard, but for user’s who work within multiple situations such as maintenance, then twin or double leg shock absorbing lanyards could be the ideal lanyard to meet your requirements.

Both of single and twin leg lanyards are available with many different hooks or karabiners and in adjustable forms. Fall Arrest Lanyards are manufactured from many different materials inclusive of; Webbing, Kernmantle Rope, Elasticated Webbing, Nomex / Kevlar Webbing, Chain and Wire Rope – select to meet your requirements.