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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services offers an extensive range of assembled height safety kits for buyers who wish to purchase a complete kit for generic purposes or singular tasks. 

The 3 main working at height kits that we offer are restraint, fall arrest and scaffold. These are the majority of height safety kits sold, but are not the only kits available, TRI Industrial Services also offers a range of kits to meet more specific requirements. 

Some of the more bespoke kits include: Climbing or Work Positioning, Roofing, Construction, Maintenance, and we can make kits to meet specific individual requirements.  

Why buy a ‘made up’ kit rather than the individual products?

The simple answer is that purchasing this way enables the buyer to know exactly what they are buying and so they are less likely to make a mistake by missing a vital component of a kit. The combined price is also likely to be cheaper than buying the components individually. 

TRI works with various manufacturers on kits including; Protecta, Transweb, Tractel, Yale and Ridgegear. 

If you have any queries regarding height safety kits, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.