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Fall Arrest Blocks, also called Inertia Reels, SRL’s (Self Retracting Lifelines), Reatractable Lanyards or Seat Belt Retractors, are a very valuable tool within the field of height safety equipment. 

Initially used to limit fall distance,thus giving the name Personal Fall Limters. Most fall arrest blocks lock off within 500mm, and are commonly used when working on roofs and also as part of a rescue plan when used with a rescue winch or descent device. 

It is vital that these devices are used in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer;  for example,  some, but not all, fall arrest blocks can be used in the horizontal plane and all inertia reels can be used at an angle away from vertical but that angle will vary from model to model.

Some newer models on the market no longer require an annual service. However, depending upon the environment, we would recommend that an annual or more frequent service might be beneficial to the working life of the fall arrest block. Every manufacturer and model of self-retracting lifeline is different and one can only be guided by the instructions from the individual manufacturer.

TRI Industrial Services Ltd offers a large range of fall arrest blocks to suit all types of situations and environments; with cable manufactured from galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, fibre rope, webbing and also with rescue winch, built in automatic or optional descent and we have the twin leg fall arrest block to give shorter clearance than traditional twin leg lanyards, which are proving popular with Scaffolders or those climbing Towers.

To offer the correct product to our clients, TRI works with a large group of manufacturers / brands including; Sala Blocks, Protecta Self Retracting Lifelines, Ikar Fall Arrest Blocks, ISC Fall Arrest Blocks, Tractel Inertia Reels and Kratos Fall Arrest Blocks.

If you have any enquiries regarding any type of fall arrest blocks, then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.