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The 2005 Working at Height Regulations  made Rescue Systems or Rescue Kits  a necessity for working in fall arrest when working at height. Under these regulations, there is a requirement to have a rescue plan to be able to facilitate a rescue in the event of a fall. 

These rescue systems take many forms; the most popular being the remote rescue kits such as the `Gotcha’ kit, which allows the colleagues to facilitate a rescue from above the faller then raising or lowering them to safety as the situation and location deems necessary. 

In other situations, a rescuer may have to descend down to the casualty to administer first aid or attach the casualty to the system to then navigate them up or downwards. These systems are in the form of a pulley rescue system, normally on 2:1, 3:1 or 5:1 ratio. Some of these units are braked and some work as constant rate descenders. 

Sometimes there is no casualty to rescue, but the work area has to be evacuated due to external circumstances, occasionaly called Self Rescue Devices.

An example of this might be from a tower crane or an office block where there is fire in the building. A rescue plan for this would normally take the form a constant rate descender, which descends the evacuee to the floor and can be fitted with a rope length to suit individual requirements.

Once a casualty or evacuee has been rescued, a rescue stretcher or evacuation chair might be required to assist the medical or rescue team to move the casualty to floor level and medical assistance.

TRI Industrial Services Ltd has many variations of rescue kits; however, in some circumstances, a standard kit cannot provide the exact solution required. We work with a group of manufacturers to assemble our own kits to meet specific requirements of individual clients and we would be happy to advise on the correct selection of equipment for individual circumstances.

TRI work with a range of rescue equipment manufacturers to offer an extensive range of rescue equipment including; Sala, Rollgliss Evacuation & Rescue Equipment, Ikar Rescue Equipment, Ferno Rescue Stretchers,Ridgegear Rescue Equipment, ISC Rescue Equipment and Tractel Evacuation Equipment..

Rescue Training on how to use the equipment correctly is advisable to ensure that an effective rescue plan can be implemented. TRI Industrial Services Ltd provides such training and can also write full risk assessment and method statements to complement the rescue kit and training.

If you wish to discuss any specific requirements with regard to providing rescue equipment then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.