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Remote Rescue Kits are a popular device to provide an on-site rescue system in case of a fall from height. These come in various forms but traditionally take the form of an extendable or fixed pole with a hook that is lowered to the casualty whilst the other end of the system is anchored above the casualty and then normally using some type of pulley can either be raised so the lanyard can be detached and continue to be raised to the upper work level or to be lowered to the floor / lower work level.

Some of the popular products include the `Gotcha System’, `VRS’, `R250’, `Milan’, and some of the manufactures are Sala Height Safety, Rollgliss Rescue Equipment, Ikar Rescue Equipment, and Ridgegear Safety Equipment.

To compliment standard kits, TRI also offer to make up bespoke rescue  kits to meet specific applications and situations on individual sites.

If you have any queries regarding rescue kits, then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.