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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services Ltd offers a large range of Hand Chain Blocks, also known as Block & Tackle, Mechanical Hoist or Manual Chain Hoists. The Manual Chain Blocks offer the flexibility of use on site or in maintenance, or can be permanently installed within a crane or runway system. 

The products are offered in a variety of finishes to meet standard or specific applications from standard powder coat paint finish to corrosion resistant protection, spark / explosion proof and with rotational hand wheel as the Yale Lift 360 Chain Block. 

The most common brands within this sector are the range of Yale Chain Blocks or Tiger Chain Blocks, providing quality products are affordable prices. If you are looking for a `Heavy Duty' Chain Hoist then the range of Nitchi Chain Blocks might be suitable for you.


They are also available in combination with a Beam Trolley to form an Integral Trolley Hoist, or Combination Hoist, or Low Headroom Hoist. These will usually be permanently mounted onto a Runway Beam / Jib Crane to allow smoother traverse along the beam  where headroom is restricted. 

Selected products are also available with Overload Protection. 

Some of the chain block manufacturers / brands that TRI work with in this sector are; Yale Chain Blocks, Able Forge Economy Chain Hoists, Tractel Tralift Chain Blocks, Gunnebo iQ Chain Hoists, Tiger Chain Blocks, Hadef Chain Hoists, Kito Chain Blocks, Chester Manual Chain Hoists, and Nitchi Heavy Duty Chain Blocks.

If you have any query with regard to Chain Blocks or Hand Chain Hoists, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.