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Pul Lifts  is a brand name of Yale, but the generic product is also known as Ratchet Lever Hoists.  These are used in many situations including maintenance, mining, construction, steel fabrication, ship building and utility work. 







They are ideal tools for moving and positioning heavy machines and securing heavy loads; they also simplify setting pipes etc. in manholes and trenches. 

Selected Ratchet Lever Hoists, or Lever Winch are suitable for cargo tie down applications, as they have an automatic type load brake preventing any unintentional loosening of the load. 

Selected models / brands are available with an overload prevention device ensuring that overload of the unit is not possible.  

A Sub Sea Lever Hoist is also available. 

Some of the manufacturers / brands that we work with in this area are Yale Pullifts & Lever Hoists, Able Forge Economy Lever Hoists, Tiger Lever Hoists, Tractel Bravo Lever Hoists, Gunnebo iQ Lever Hoists, Nitchi Lever Hoists and Kito Lever Hoists. 

If you have any requirements for Lever Hoists please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.