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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services Ltd offers a large range of Electric Chain Hoists for many different applications in various environments and situations.


Motorized Chain Hoists, Electric Chain Blocks or Electrical Chain Hoists also called Single Phase Electric Chain Hoist, some people actually call these Chain Winches.

These hoists are commonly installed onto Runway Beams, Monorails, Jib Cranes or Overhead Cranes, but are also used on site for regular lifting operations and are available in various voltages including 24v, 110v, 230v and 400v. 

As standard, these Hoists are available in lug or hook suspension or with a Manual or Geared Trolley. A final option is  that the hoist is fitted with an Electric Trolley. Special applications also allow for Low & Ultra Low Headroom models or with Twin Hook or Duo Hoist scenarios. 

The product range also includes applications for Wind Turbine Hoists, Atex / Explosion Proof Hoists, Webbing or Belting Hoists, Food Grade Hoists and Hoists for use within theatres. 

Some of the Electric Hoist Manufacturers that TRI work with are Yale CPV & CPE Electric Chain Hoists, CM Lodestar & Shopstar Electric Chain Hoists, GIS GCH Electric Chain Hoists, Kito Electric Chain Hoists, Verlinde Electric Hoist & Belt Hoists, Able Forge Electric Chain Hosits, RWM Electric Hoists, Nitchi Heavy Duty Electric Hoists, Hadef Electric Chain Hoists & Donati Electric Chain Hoists. 


Popular Electric Chain Hoist within our range are Yale Electric Hoists, CM / Lodestar Single Phase Electric Hoists and GIS Electric Hoist.

If you have an enquiry regarding Electric Chain Hoists, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.