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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services Ltd offers a large range of Wire Rope Hoists to meet all types of applications in various environments: 

Wire Rope Hoists or Crane Winch are traditionally mounted onto Runway Beams, Jib Cranes or Overhead Cranes or with a variance called Crab Hoist Units which can be mounted above Twin Girder Overhead Cranes. 

At higher tonnages, they traditionally have higher hoisting speeds than Electric Chain Hoists and give longer usage periods for intensive use. 

They are available in various configurations including Foot Mounted Wire Rope HoistsLow Headroom, Crab Units and Explosion Proof, usually with 400v power. 

TRI also offers a range of unique wire rope hoists such as the Tractel Minifor and Tractel Tirak and Man Riding versions of Wire Rope Hoists. 

Some of the Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers that TRI work with in this area are Yale Global King Wire Rope Hoists, Misia Wire Rope Hoists, Donati Wire Rope Hoists and Red Rooster Electric & Pneumatic Wire Rope Hoists. 

If you have an enquiry regarding Wire Rope Hoists please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.