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Twin Hook / Big Bag Hoists

When lifting certain loads the use of 2 hooks is required to keep the load stable or if the load is large and the headroom is restricted the use of one hoist with two hooks makes the lifting of the load safer and more stable.

If this procedure is repeated on a regular basis then the use of Twin Hook or Big Bag Hoists also called Duo Hoists or Synchronized Hoists will give you the required results of safe and stable load operated by one person rather than two hoists and two operators.

All of these hoists are manufactured to order and the specific requirements of each client. Normally these aren’t high tonnage, however anything is possible. The distance between the hooks is determined by the client.

Twin Hook Hoists are available in both manual and powered, whilst Big Bag Hoists are traditionally available in powered only, normally Air and Hydraulic.

These hoists are also used when working on Monorail systems or curved runway beams again for lifting extended loads.

Twin Hook or Big Bag Hoists are available in many configurations, normally with a powered trolley for the powered hoists and manual trolley for the manual hoists. Available as standard with manual hoists and electric and air hoists.

If you have any queries regarding twin hook hoists then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.