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Subsea and Corrosion Resistant Hoists

TRI Industrial Services now offers a range of specialist hoists for use in harsh environments or even subsea!

These hoists are split into two categories, the first are the subsea hoists , eith Subsea Chain Blocks or Subsea Lever Hoists, which are not only just the hoists been protective coated but also the internal workings designed for work below the surface, i.e. subsea. Also, hoists designed for use with ROV Hoists (Remote Operated Vehicles).

Some of TRI’s customers are also using the Subsea on land in arduous conditions where the hoists are exposed to material impregnation and water exposure.

The second category are the hoists designed to be used in extreme and arduous environments, these are hoists with a corrosion protective finish and in some cases stainless steel load and hand chain.

These hoists are available in various configurations including hook suspension, beam trolleys, trolley hoists and low headroom hoists. Some of these hoists are even available off the shelf dependent upon the specification required.

TRI work with various manufacturers within this category including Yale Corrosion Resistant Hoists & Stainless Steel Chain Hoists, Tiger Subsea Chain Blocks & Lever Hoists, GIS  Stainless Steel Chain Hoists & Food Grade Hoists and Nitchi Corrosion Resistant Hoists.

If you have any queries regarding Subsea Hoists or Corrosion Resistant Hoists then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.