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Manual Low Headroom Hoists

In many different applications and situations the use of a low headroom manual hoist rather than the traditional chain block and trolley combined by hanging the hoist by the top hook into the trolley.

TRI Industrial Services offers an extensive range of manual low headroom and ultra-low headroom trolley hoists also called combination blocks, Monorail Hoists & Travelling Hoists from a variety of manufacturers including Yale Hoists, Chester Hoists, Nitchi Hoists, Hadef Hoists and Tiger Hoists.

The headroom’s varies greatly from a slightly lower headroom than standard right the way through to ultra-low headroom with the hoist manufactured to order to meet the specific requirements of you the customer.

These are available with push or geared trolley as standard and some trolleys with swivel to allow use on monorail or curved runway beams.

If you have specific requirements regarding manual low headroom trolley hoists and the headroom, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the TRI sales team.