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Grabs for lifting or transporting of goods, are commonly used in many different industries to lift specific or unique items around individual work place.

Some of these grabs are standard products to lift standard products across industries; examples of these are block grabs or scissor grabs, particularly used commonly in the construction industry.

Grabs can take many forms and are not only standard designs but bespoke grabs for specific products to be lifted within the work place, TRI offer a design service for the grab to solve any transporting issue of material.

Grabs are most commonly used in conjunction with a type of crane / hoist, but also can be used in conjunction with a forklift attachment or even for lifting by hand for smaller loads.

TRI as well as designing and manufacturing the grabs for clients, also work with leading brands / manufacturers who include; Camlok Scissor & Block, Tigrip Grabs, Topal Grabs and Probst Grabs.

If you have any queries regarding Lifting Grabs then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team to discuss your specific requirements.