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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services Ltd offers an extensive range of hydraulic jacks, most common of these are the Hydraulic Toe Jacks known to some people as Tangye Jacks.

TRI offer steel and aluminium versions of these hydraulic jacks, with a variety of safe working loads from 3000kg to 100 tonne. The heights that are variable to suit individual requirements. Some Toe Jacks are also available with locking option to provide secure load holding.

TRI also offer a specialist jack that rotates to allow easier access to the handle to undertake the jacking operation.

TRI work with a variety of manufacturers to supply an extensive range of Hydraulic Jacks to suit your individual requiremetns, these hydraulic jack manufacturers include; Yale, Pfaff, Tractel, Tangye, Steerman and Haacon.

If you have any queries regarding Hydraulic Jacks then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.