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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services offers an etensive range of Hydraulic Pumps and accessories to meet any type of hydraulic system requirements including those using multiple cylinders and those requiring extra large reservoirs.

TRI work with two main manufacturers of hydraulic pumps, Yale and EPP (Euro Press Pack) to provide solutions to our customers within this area.

In the main we have two types of hydraulic pump, manual & powered / motorized. These are then split into further sub groups to suit individual applications.

The most common is the traditional hand operated hydraulic pump, available in both steel and aluminium. A further development is the hydrraulic foot operated pump, ideal for those applicationswhere repeated or long jacking period are required.

TRI also offer powered or motorized hydraulic pumps, sometimes called power packs as well, available in both electric and air / pneumatic versions. These are normally used for repeated use, more permanetly sited work or those requiring more speed during operations. The motorized pumps are available withmultiple outlets for those bigger multiple cylinder systems.

TRI also offer an extensive range of accessories to go with these pumps, these include hydraulic hoses, couplers and gauages being the most common.

If you have any queries regarding any type of hydraulic pump whether that be manual or powered then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.