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CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist


CM Lodestar electric chain hoist with hook suspension or integrated trolley
Capacity 250-3000 kg,
standard £m height of lift, chain to your specific requirements.

The CM Lodestar electric hoist is world renowned for its robust design, high specification and suitability for use in arduous applications across a wide range of industries. From hook suspension in the rental industry to trolley mounted in a factory production line, the Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist has a proven reputation as the solution for industrial strength lifting. Over 1 million units sold.

Standard operating voltage: 400 V, 3-phases, 50 Hz - Euro-voltage. 230 V, 3-phases, 50 Hz alternatively 230 V, 1-phase, 50 Hz or 110 V, 1-phase, 50 Hz available.

The Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist in single phase application allows for longer lenght use over many of it's competitors.


Tough lightweight aluminium alloy covers totally enclose the mechanical and electrical components providing protection and efficient heat dissipation. The design enables easy access for installation and service.

Upper and lower limit switches prevent dangerous over travel and come factory set. They are easily accessible and adjust to any position. The limits are protected from damage because they are inside the hoist.

Low voltage pendant control is standard (IP 65).

Pendant control protected to IP 65.

Thermal overload protection as standard.

FEM classification 2 m or better (ED 40% or better) provides a superior duty cycle resulting in greater productivity.

Excellent overall hoist dimensions make operation in confined spaces possible.

A lifetime lubricated gearbox contributes to exceptional service and maintenance characteristics.

3-phase single speed hoist motors are dual voltage.

Extremely connection-friendly and easy to maintain construction.

Load hook with axial bearing.

The CM Lodestar Chain Hoist is proven over many years of use in all types of industries, which when you are looking to purchase a new electric chain hoist, then this will reassure you that the Lodestar is the hoist for you!

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