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GIS Electric Chain Hoist


GIS-CH Electric Chain Hoist 

This new version of the GIS-CH Electric Chain Hoist, is a high quality electric chain hoist, that is manufactured in Switzerland. In addition to all standard electric hoist features, due to hte European manufacturing base many types of modifications and special develipments are available for those one-off applications.

Capacities - from 60kg to 5000kg, 3m standard height of lift, but chained to suit individual requirements.

A further evolution in chain hoist development from GIS, specialists in chain hoist manufacture since 1963. The GIS manufacturing facility in Switzerlands contains some of the most modern machining centres and the hoist embodies the latest manufacturing techniques and technology.

Designed and manufactured to work in the most extreme of conditions

Hoist body and end covers manufactured from die cast aluminium

Reliable, low wear, easy to maintain

Single or dual speeds available with many different speed options

Permanent hoist lubrication for wear resistant operation

Cast aluminium housing and end covers using the lastest casting technology, maximum solidity (not plastic)

New advanced brake design prviding maximum safety with minimum maintenance

Five or siz pocket chain wheel giving extremely quiet running

42V control system, electrical geared limit switches fitted as standard

fFitted with mechanical stops to prevent over travel as required in FEM standards

Ergonomic design 2 or 4 button control penant with E-Stop

Available with Eye or Hook suspension, push or electric trolley on I-Beams or combined with GIS crane system

Additional Features & Options

When assessing an electric hoist application it is advisable to consider the following;

Environment - is the hoist to be used or stored outside? If the answer is yes, then consideration must be given to the leverl of protection provided. ie.e a cover to park the hoist under when not in use or a higher level of enclosure specification. Can the hoist be easily removed for storage when not in use?

Power Supply - Is there an adequate power supply available adjacent to the hoist location? What is the distance between the hoist and the supply? If there is then is the supply suitable, i.e. 400v 3Ph 50hz, 110v 1ph 50H\z. Please specify others in different.


Atmoshere (ATEX) - There are applications when equipment is required to work in hazardous areas such as petro chemical and pharmaceutical plants. The user then has a duty to identify if there are gases and the classification or zoning of the area must be under taken by the user and suitable equipment obtained.

Travel Limit Switches - Proximity- we have developed limits suitable for use in the Nuclear industry

Mid travel limites - to stop travel in one movement direction for position. (NOTE - requires custom control panel which is available from TRI). Two emergency limits in addition to working units. Mechanical stops (to fit on chain to stop travel movement - a simple but effective solution).

Positional Encoders - Two types are available; Incremental & Absolute

Upper or Lower Suspension - Upper suspension can be an eye, swivel hook or custom plate. Locking hooks.

Handles - We can add carrying handles to the chain hoist body.

Load Cells - Installed on hoists in the eye or hook suspension (internal). Load cells can be fitted to eye and hook suspension to detect pre-set under and overloads  or show an actual load on a hoist, or external units supplied as load cells within shackles.

Control - Portable or wall mounted control units to operate multiple chain hoist systems. Radio control (wireless) - for single or multiple hoist systems.

Hoists working outside or in aggressive atmosphere - The standard IP rating for a GIS hoist is to IP55, we can now upgrade the hoist to IP65 Class (Ingress Protection), totally protected against dust ingreass and protected against low pressure water jets from any direction (i.e. Rain).

To further protect your hoists, there are a number of additional protection (extra cost) features which can be fitted including;

Galvanised Chain - the biggest threat to protecting outdoor hoists is the chain. Galvanised chain is the best protection against the elements and we will be over greasing the chain to prtoect it further. (NOTE we fit black chain as standard in Entertainment applications, Galvanised in Industrial).

Drainage Holes - This allows any water running down the chain into the pocket wheel to pass straight through the body rather than collectiing inside and causing rust / chain damage.

Release & Over Pressure Valaves - This valve acts as a barrier preventing any moisture in the air being drawn into the body. When a hoist is hot from running or from being out in the sun all day and then cools down, the pressure difference built up inside the hoist will naturally draw in air. The valve equalises this pressure, whilst preventing any moisture entering similar to Gore-Tex in outdoor clothing.

Dipped Transformer - As an added precaution, we can tropical dip the transformers, this is a waxy protection that coats the sensitive transformer completely.

Weather Covers - The weather cover will protect the hoist from the worst of the elements.

Further GIS Options;

Stanless Steel components

Food and pharmaceutical grade hoists - stainless steel components plus special coatings in place of paint

ATEX hoists

Duo Hoists

Synchron Hoists

If you have any doubts or questions regarding which electric hoist to purchase or the application you are using it in please ask a member of the TRI sales team prior to purchasing!

TRI - GIS CH Electric Chain Hoist Specifications

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