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Yale VNRP / VNRG Ultra Ultra Low Headroom Hoist


Yale VNRP/G Ultra Ultra Low Headroom Manual Trolley Hoist

Compact very low head room hoist with integrated push or geared trolley.

Capacities from 1500 to 24,000kg

On account of a special chain reeving system and corresponding chain guide the trolley hoist series VNRG offers minimum headroom and maximum usage of the available room height. These hoists have been specially designed for heavy industrial applications.

Features Include:

* All-steel construction with zinc-plated load and hand chains.

* All units are built to order for a predetermined beam dimension. They cannot be adjusted retro-actively to other beam sizes.

* Anti-drop and anti-tilt devices as standard.


* Chain containers and buffers.

* Overload protection device.

Capacity / Headroom

Capacity                       Headroom


1500kg                        159mm

2000kg                        159mm

3000kg                        188mm

4000kg                        203mm

5000kg                        223mm

6000kg                        223mm

8000kg                        280mm

10,000kg                     292mm

12,000kg                     292mm

16,000kg                     346mm

20,000kg                     438mm

24,000kg                     438mm

Beam profile and dimension as well as curve radius must always be specified when ordering.


TRI - Yale VNRP / VNRG Ultra Low Trolley Hoist Specification 1

TRI - Yale VNRP / VNRG Ultra Low Trolley Hoist Specification 2

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