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Pewag Galv Plant Lifting Chains


Special sling chains for hot galvanizing plants, with load capacity values based on EN 818-5, heat treated for improved stress corrosion cracking resistance.

The hydrogen that develops during the repeated work cycles of `galvanizing - pickling - galvanizing' in the galvanizing bath has a considerable effect on the chains. The absorption of hydrogen causes the dreaded stress corrosion cracking which results in component breakage without any signs of deformation or any other previous warning signals. In the case of sling chains, such failure would have dramatic consequences.

With Pewag's special sling chains for hot galvanizing plants you have this problem under control!

The use of Pewag chains offers further important advantages compared to ordinary chains.

Available in diameters from 6 to 32mm and in all standard sling configurations.

Pewag Galv Plant Chain Specifications

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