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Cantilever Mobile Steps


Cantilever Mobile Steps are the ideal solution to get to hard-to-reach areas. While providing a stable platform, the operator can work directly over (hover) certain objects like Vehicles, Machinery and other equipment or tooling.

Product Features

Cantilever Step Specifications

Product CodeHeightWidthDepthOpen DepthPlatform HeightRung CountWeight Nett
2014-006 2.36m 0.74m 2.27m 2.27m 1.36m 6 80kg
2014-007 2.59m 0.74m 2.43m 2.43m 1.59m 7 85kg
2014-008 2.81m 0.74m 2.58m 2.58m 1.81m 8 90kg

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