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Heavy Duty Mobile Safety Steps


Extra heavy-duty construction for us in the harshest environments tested to 250 kilos. Extra wide treads for comfort and safety with large working platform with intermediate guardrails and toe boards. Positive locking brake system with integrated anti-ascent bar ensures operators cannot climb unless engaged.

Product Features

Heavy Duty Mobile Safety Step Specifications

Product Code PunchedProduct Code Anti SlipHeightWidthDepthOpen DepthPlatform HeightTreadsWeight
2001-003 2002-003 1.68m 0.9m 0.91m 0.91m 0.68m 3 35kg
2001-004 2002-004 1.9m 0.9m 1.06m 1.06m 0.9m 4 40kg
2001-005 2002-005 2.13m 0.95m 1.21m 1.21m 1.13m 5 45kg
2001-006 2002-006 2.35m 0.95m 1.36m 1.36m 1.35m 6 55kg
2001-007 2002-007 2.58m 0.95m 1.51m 1.51m 1.58m 7 60kg
2001-008 2002-008 2.8m 0.95m 1.81m 1.81m 1.8m 8 65kg
2001-009 2002-009 3.03m 1.05m 1.96m 1.96m 2.03m 9 75kg
2001-010 2002-010 3.25m 1.05m 2.11m 2.11m 2.25m 10 85kg
2001-012 2002-012 3.7m 1.15m 2.41m 2.41m 2.7m 12 105kg
2001-014 2002-014 4.15m 1.35m 2.71m 2.71m 3.15m 14 120kg
2001-015 2002-015 4.38m 1.47m 2.86m 2.86m 3.38m 15 130kg

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