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Gebuwin WB750 Wormgear Hand Winch


The GEBUWINch manual worm gear winch is of solid and compact construction. The lifting capacity is calculated according to the first belt layer around the drum. The winch also has a reverse gear, enabling it to also be used as a hauling winch. As a pulling winch, a load of up to approx. 2000 kg can be horizontally moved. The winch is supplied including belt and hook. The worm geared winches are equipped with a load pressure brake. This brake holds the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering. The cranks can be adjusted in length and are recoil-free. All rotating parts run in maintenance-free bearings. The winches are available in combined grey/black enamel paint (GR) or provided with zinc-plated surface treatment (EV), which means that rust protection is further improved.

The type designation is as follows: WB= GEBUWINch worm geared winch for hoisting load 750 kg / pulling load 2000 kg GR= painted grey colour EV= zinc-plated

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