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Haacon Electric Rope Winch - Model ESF


Available in 400v & 230v - Rated capacities in 400v - 150, 250 & 500kg and in 230v - 200 & 400kg

ESF winches are designed as modular rope winches for small and medium loads with worm gearbox. The simple design is suitable for many lifting tasks with lower load cycles and small load requirements. The winch can also be integrated into a construction by the mounting holes on all sides of the gearbox casing.

The wire can take off in any direction. It has a compact design, becuase the basic configuration only consists of gearbox, motor and drum. The robust outward impression of the EDF winch is completed by practical corrosion protection and a combination of high-quality finishing and galvanised parts.


Grooved drum

Divided drum

Pressure roller

Load limiter

Limit switches

Slack rope device

Special protection

Control Equipment



TRI - Haacon ESF Electric Winch Specifications

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