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Pfaff Lambda Console Mounted Rope Winch


Pfaff SW-K Lambda Console Mounted Rope Winch (BGV-C1)

The compact rope winch for applications on stages, in studios, theatres, etc


State of the art design with galvanized side sections for easy handling

Grooved drum for single-layer winding of the steel rope. An 18:1 ratio between drum and rope diameter increases the service lift of the rope substantially

With spring-loaded rope pressure roller to prevent the unloaded rope from jumping of the drum

Gear rated for twice the nominal load

Spur gear drive for optimal efficiency and comfortable handling

The fitted safety crank with two spring brakes acting independently of each other for safe holding of the load in any position

Complies with the latest accident prevent regulations BGV C1 (DIN 56925) as well as the prototype and safety test (GS-test -tested safety) of the German committe for lifting equipment


Drum extension for a larger rope capacity

Special grooves (several ropes).

TRI - Pfaff Lambda Winch Specifications

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