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When most people think about working at height, they think of safety harness, lanyards, fall arrest blocks or preventing a fall from height. However, many do not consider the point that they are attaching to, and whether it is a tested or improvised anchorage. 

In reality, the anchorage is the most important part of the process when working at height. Using the wrong anchorage, or one not able to withstand the loading of a fall, would create  the possibility of the anchorage pulling out and the fallen person hitting the floor or obstruction below them.  

Safe anchorages can take the form of anchorage slings or strops made from either webbing or protected wire rope that can be wrapped around a structure that is deemed to be of sufficient strength to take the loadings (12kN). However, normal lifting webbing slings are NOT allowed to be used to form an anchorage. 

If you have any queries, or wish to discuss in more detail the use or applications for anchorages, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.