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TRI Products Section

TRI work with sector leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the most effective products or solutions for either simple or complicated applications.

We have found a simple discussion with our clients can often identify the appropriate equipment for the job, and avoid mistakes which can cost time and money.


However, if you know the product you require, we offer a competitive price on key brands and would be happy to provide you with a quote.


CM Lodestar Hoists      Yale Hoists & Winches      Camlok Clamps       Pfaff Winches & Screw Jacks    Steerman Load Moving   Duff Norton Screw Jacks & Actuators             Capital Safety Height Safety   Uniline Safety Systems            Sala Height Safety Equipment      Protecta Height Safety Equipment       Rollgliss Rescue & Evacuation Equipment     GIS Hoists       Able Forge Hoists        Haacon Winches              Costa Winches       Gebuwin Winches            Ridgegear Height Safety Equipment    Ikar Height Safety             P+P Height Safety Equipment           ISC Rescue Equipment            Ferno Rescue Stretchers              Petzl Work Positioning Equipment          Red Rooster Air Hoists         Gunnebo Chains & Hoists              Tractel Tirfors & Hoists & Winches       Topal Clamps & Grabs             EPP Hydraulics        Kito Hoists       Verlinde Hoists  Hadef Hoists & Winches         Monkey Tower Platforms       UGO    Pewag Chains                 Tuff Built Rescue Equipment        Kee Safety Systems        ZT Safety Harness         Chester Hoists     Nitchi Hoists      Superclamp Clamps & Trolleys      Eclipse Magnets      Walker Magnets     JDN Air Hoists     Tecna Tool Balancers            Straightpoint Load Cells             Dynafor Load Cells  Donati Electric Hoists 


If you need any assistance in making your choice, please don't hesitate to contact us