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Tri Industrial Services
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Hydraulics & Jacking

TRI Industrial Services offers a large range of hydraulic. jacking and tooling equipment for use within many different environments and industries including; construction, steel, power stations and garage.

We offer jacks in both manual and hydraulic versions. The most popular versions of these are hydraulic toe jacks or sometimes called Tangye jacks.

The manual versions can have a toe lifting facility as well, but also can be mounted to walls or to be used for lifting sluice gates, these are traditionally called rack and pinion jacks.

One of the biggest selling product groups in the hydraulic product sector is that of hydraulic cylinders also known as hydraulic rams. They come in many different types all of which are used for different application or situation. The most popular of these are single acting cylinders or double acting universal cylinders, also the low height cylinders or pad jacks are very useful tools especially within maintenance situations.

Hollow or centre hole cylinders are also useful tools within maintenance and positioning applications, and hydraulic cylinders with locking collars, safety cylinders  or lock nut cylinders allow you to work safely or feel confident to leave under loads for extended periods.

To complement the range of hydraulic cylinders, TRI also offer hydraulic pumps or power packs to be used as part of the hydraulic lifting system, when used with manifolds you can power multiple cylinders at the same time.

When working in maintenance situations then hydraulic tooling can assist you to undertake many tasks when used correctly. These take many forms including hydraulic spreader also known as wedges for jacking apart two items. Hydraulic Puller Kits take many forms and when pulling large items it is very beneficial.

When cutting items on site, using a powered device makes the task very much easier, hydraulic cutters can be used to cut many different products, also within the range are nut cutters. Once you have completed your task you will need to re-fit bolts, to assist this you might want to use hydraulic torque wrenches or tensioning devices.

When working within a garage you use a large range of hydraulic equipment daily, TRI’s range includes; Bottle Jacks, Trolley Jacks, Air Jacks, Transmission or Pit Jacks also Engine Crane also known as Floor Cranes and Axle Stands.

To offer such a comprehensive range of products, TRI works with a group of manufacturers including; EPP (Euro Press Pack) Hydraulic Equipment, Yale Hydraulic Equipment & Tooling, Pfaff Rack and Pinion Jacks, Haacon Rack and Pinion Jacks & Jacking Systems, and Steerman Jacks.

If you have a query regarding hydraulic jacks, cylinders, and pumps or tooling equipment please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.