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Man Riding Cages

Man Riding Cages also called Man Riding Baskets are common item within most workplaces now, and used for various tasks when working at height.

The most common version is a forklift man riding cage that allows a basket to be raised on the forklift to the desired height, the forklift man riding baskets come in various forms and to meet specific requirements.

Man Riding Cages are used in conjunction with Cranes to lift personnel to places where forklifts cannot reach, normally for use with multiple personnel to undertake tasks or access specific work platforms.

When working in specific areas then the egress of casualties in the event of an incident is something that has to be considered and a Stretcher Cage is something that might be the correct solution. A stretcher cage is normally quite long and reasonably narrow with the gate on the end to allow a stretcher to fit inside.

If you have any queries regarding Man Riding Cages or Man Riding Baskets then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.