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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services Ltd offers an extensive range of Fork Mounted Jibs also called Fork Mounted Extending Jibs. These Fork MOunted Jibs are one of the most common types of forklift attachment.

They are commonly used through many industries, particuarly common in assisting unloading vehicles or within stockyards.

They come in a variety of designs, the standard fixed length jib with multiple attachment points below the jib, extending jibs that give you a larger range of attachment points, hydraulically operated extending jibs, ideal for use when altering the length on multiple occasions and finally jibs where you can alter the angle of the extending arm.

Below are some of the products that TRI offer, we also custom design and manufacture fork mounted jibs to suit individual clients requirements.

If you have any queries regarding Fork MOunted Jibs then please do not hesitate to cotnact the TRI sales team.