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Lifting Tackle Accessories, Shackles, Eyebolts, Swivel Hoist Rings or Lifting Points, Turnbuckles or Rigging Screw, Chain Slings, Webbing Slings, Wire Rope Slings & Lashing Products.

Lifting Accessories or lifting tackle is some of the most common pieces of lifting equipment in use within many work places. These can take many forms and meet many specifications.

Lifting Slings are the most frequently used manufactured from webbing, wire or chain. All of these TRI manufacture to order and manufactured within the UK therefore can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements rather than imported which only have specific lengths available.

TRI also offer endless polyester Round Slings again manufactured within the UK and one trip slings for shipping purposes. Bespoke multi leg web or wire leg slings are also manufactured to individual specifications.

Shackles come in many forms and designs to suit many situations and applications, the two main types are Dee and Bow shackles, then with screw or safety pin, then Alloy Bow also called Federal Spec or British Standard. We also have a range of special pin configurations and shackles designed for artic conditions. TRI also offer a bespoke manufactured service if you require specific dimensions.

Turnbuckles also called Rigging Screws normally form part of wire rope slings but can be used independently to allow adjustment.

Eyebolts are commonly used as part of a lifting system, but frequently are used in correctly. Most common eyebolts are designed for lifting vertically only, so if you need your eyebolts to sling at angles then using swivel hoist rings, lifting points also called swivel eyebolts is the solution to provide a safe and correct rigging system.

Also, whilst transporting equipment ensuring that the load is secure is very important, for this TRI offer various types of Lashing systems, these include the traditional web ratchet load binders to chain load binders and bespoke lashing systems.

If you have an enquiry for any lifting tackle, lifting slings, rigging or lashing equipment then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.