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GIS Food Grade / Harsh Environment Electric Chain Hoist


The GCHR Food Grade hoist is well suited for lifting applications in food or pharmaceutical production, wash-down, environmentally-controlled and harsh corrosive processing environments.

Available in standard capacities up to 1250kg, the GCHR food grade chain hoist features highly sealed IP65 bearings and covers, food grade lubrication and stainless steel hooks, chain and a special Electrophoresis KTL / ATL plated hoist body.

Chain lubrication - CALOR USDA H1, this is resistant to water washout and ensures excellent lubrication for machinery over a wide range and operating temperatures of -20 to 150 degrees centigrade. This lubrication is a semi-fluid grease suitable for use in food factory applications where the risk of food contact exists.

GIS GCHR Features:

Stainless steel components - chain, single fall hook clamp, double fall hook clamp, chain guide, load hook, hook and eyebolt suspension

High allyo steel components - chain wheel

Aluminium components; casing, limit stop assembly (screws in stainless steel A2)

Colour: black, KTL plated, resistant against water, oils, scant alkalis and acids

Gear grease; food grade

Geared limit switch for highest and lowest hook position

Control Pendant


TRI - GIS food Grade Electric Chain Hoist Specification


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