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Nitchi Pocket Lever Hoist


Nitchi Pocket Lever Hoist 

Capacity - 250kg


With all of the features of a full sized Nitchi lever hoist the pocket lever is a compact and powerful industrial grade lever hoist thatis designed for professional use. The lightweight, compact and convenient design makes it easy to fit into a pocket or toolbox.

Special Features of the Nitchi Pocket Lever Hoist

• The enclosed body will protect the vital internal components from dust and other foreign matter.

• The long wearing plated load chain has excellent resistance to corrosion.

• The guide handle and a section of the lever that is reinforced with steel plates are made of special easy-to-grip lightweight space-age resinoids.

• Easily carried to the work sites

• The Pocket lever’s lightweight and compact design makes it possible to transport to even the most difficult to access locations.

• No matter what operation mode is set, the brake system will respond simultaneously when a load is applied.

• Space for moving one arm is all that is needed. The Pocket lever is an ideal device for materials handling in areas where space is limited.

• Switch the selector device to "Lifting", "Lowering" or "Free-wheeling" to change the operation mode.

• The load chain can be smoothly and quickly adjusted to the necessary length with the free wheeling system.

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