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Medium Duty Mobile Safety Steps


Strong traditional steel warehousing step for commercial applications. Double handrail, toe-boarded platform with enclosed guardrail for assured working and stock picking. Comfortable climbing and descending angle for ease of access up and down. Simple life and lock mechanism with safety bar restricts access when step not in use. To fix step safely in place and gain access, simply push the locking device down.

Product Features

Medium Duty Mobile Safety Step Specifications

Product Code PunchedProduct Code Anti- SlipOpen HeightWidthDepthPlatform HeightTreadWeight Nett
2003-003 2004-003 1.67m 0.75m 0.78m 0.75m 3 28kg
2003-004 2004-004 1.92m 0.75m 1.03m 1m 4 32kg
2003-005 2004-005 2.17m 0.85m 1.21m 1.25m 5 55kg
2003-006 2004-006 2.42m 0.85m 1.4m 1.5m 6 62kg
2003-007 2004-007 2.75m 0.85m 1.44m 1.75m 7 70kg
2003-008 2004-008 3m 0.85m 1.59m 2m 8 78kg
2003-009 2004-009 3.25m 0.85m 1.73m 2.25m 9 90kg
2003-010 2004-010 3.5m 0.9m 1.86m 2.5m 10 98kg
2003-012 2004-012 4m 1m 2.17m 3m 12 116kg
2003-013 2004-013 4.25m 1.2m 2.2m 3.25m 13 125kg
2003-014 2004-014 4.5m 1.2m 2.44m 3.5m 14 130kg
2003-015 2004-015 4.75m 1.2m 2.79m 3.75m 15 138kg

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