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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services provides a comprehensive range of Rescue Harnesses. These are not restricted to use in Confined Space scenarios, as has historically been the case, but are now also used in working at height work , adding the extra bonus of being able to facilitate a rescue. 

TRI offers two main types of rescue harness: the traditional rear extension strap that is attached to the harness or the more advanced system of having two anchor points on the shoulders of the harness and used in conjunction with a spreader bar lanyard to attach between the rescue device and the harness. This allows the user to be lowered or raised in a more vertical position.

TRI works with a range of manufacturers to provide a product that meets specific requirements. Our range includes, but is not restricted to:

Sala Rescue Harness, Protecta Rescue Harness, Ridgegear Rescue Harness, Ikar Rescue Harness, Tractel Rescue Harness, P+P (Pammenter & Petrie) Rescue Harness, Transweb Rescue Harness and Yale Rescue Harness.

If you have any queries with regard to Rescue Harnesses, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.