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Safety Harnesses are supplied in many forms suitable for different tasks within Working at Height situations. These include Height Safety Harness, Fall Protection Harness, Fall Arrest Safety Harness, Restraint Safety Harness and Full Body Harness.

The Safety Harnesses that TRI offer range from the compliant, or basic, range of harnesses ,for  basic or occasional use, to highly equipped harnesses for very specialised work. 

Whilst working in certain restraint situations it is still possible to use waist belts but ONLY when there is no possibility of reaching an edge. However,  a more suitable solution would be to use a basic fall arrest harness and the correct lanyard. 

Some people spend a long period of their day working at height and require a more advanced and comfortable safety harness, for example from the Sala Exofit Harness or Sala Safety Harnesses range of products also available as a Safety Harness with a built in waist belt. 

When working in Confined Space situations, wearing a rescue safety harness may be better for access and egress or, in the event of an incident, using the additional rear strap to lift the casualty to safety. 

For some situations, wearing a safety harness for performing a task might not be necessary but, if evacuation might be required, it would still be advisable. For this, TRI offers a range of Evacuation Harness / Belts, also called Evacuation Nappy to allow raising or descending a casualty as required. 

Sometimes, work in suspension is necessary to complete specific tasks. Specialist ‘Work Positioning Harnesses’, are required for this, and are commonly used offshore, by steeplejacks, also called Climbing Harnesses and Rope Access Safety Harnessee for tree surgeons and by utilities. We have many different harnesses to meet all requirements within this sector.

TRI also has a range of specialist harnesses to meet individual requirements. These range from ladies safety harnesses to Hi ViZ Safety harnesses or even Life Jacket Safety Harnesses. We also have safety harnesses that are part to fully elasticated and even a specialist painters harness, which can wipe clean, or Kevlar Harness or Fire Free Harness for those performing welding tasks at height.

To offer all of these solutions, TRI Industrial Services Ltd works with a large range of manufacturers, allowing us to solve all work at height issues:

Sala Safety Harness, Protecta Safety Harness, Ridgegear Safety Harness, Ikar Safety Harness, Transweb Safety Harness, Tractel Safety Harness, Yale Safety Harness, ZT Systems Safety Harness, Kratos Safety Harness, and P+P (Pammenter & Petrie) Safety Harness.

If you have Safety Harness enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team to discuss your requirements.