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Rescue Systems – Stretchers & Evacuation Chairs

TRI Industrial Services offer a large range of Rescue Equipment and Systems, inclusive within this product area are Rescue Stretchers and Evacuation Chairs to allow casualties to be lifted, carried or wheeled to safety.

Evacuation Chairs are commonly deployed within larger work places and offices to allow casualties to be wheeled to safety in the event of an evacuation or to assist emergency services.

Rescue Stretchers come in two forms, the first are basic rescue stretchers to lift and carry casualties to a waiting emergency vehicle, and secondly those that are used to lift casualties horizontally or vertically using various devices such as tripods, gantries or davit arms.

TRI work with a range of stretcher manufacturers to provide a complete package of equipment, these include Ferno Stretchers and Chairs and SLIX Stretchers.

If you have any queries regarding Rescue Stretcher or Evacuation Chairs then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team to discuss in more detail.