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Tri Industrial Services
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Hand Winches, Electric Winches, Air Winches, Hydraulic Winches, Planetary Winches, Capstan Winches, Man Riding Winches

TRI Industrial Services offer a large range of Winches to meet all different types of applications whether for lifting, pulling or holding.

These come in many different power sources including; Manual / Hand, Electric, Battery, Air / Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Diesel Winches.

The most common Winch, TRI offer are Tirfor Winch Machines, Wire Rope Winch also called Pulling Machines, available in various types and also powered as a Hydraulic Tirfor system with either Electric, Diesel or Pneumatic power.

The Manual Hand Winches come in different configurations dependent upon application and environment. The traditional types are Spur Gear Winch and Manual Worm Gear Winch. For arduous environments that Stainless Steel Winches or Galvanized Winches are available.

TRI offer an extensive range of Motorized Winches, from a large range of Winch Manufacturers to provide the correct solution for individual winching system. Electric Lifting Winches or Electric Pulling Winches are the most common, however Air or Pneumatic Winches, Hydraulic Winches, Diesel Winches are the most common Industrial or Utility Winches.

To complement the mainstream range of Motorized Winches, TRI also offer more specialist winches, particularly for marine applications, these include; Capstan Winches, Planetary Winches and Marine Winches.

Selecting the correct winch is not as simple as it seems and TRI require definite information to provide the correct information. If the wrong information is supplied then winch system has the possibility to be wrong and not work correctly.

If a standard single drum winch will not work for your application, then multi drum winches are available made to order, or extended drums for large amounts of rope or even drums where the drums are distances apart and driven by the same motor. This are available on manual hand winches and the motorized winches from specific winch manufactures.

TRI work with a group of manufacturers / brands to offer the correct products to our clients, including; Tractel Hand & Electric Winches, Tirfor Winches, Pfaff Manual & Electric WInches, Haacon Hand, Electric, Air & Hydraulic Winches, Gebuwin Hand & Battery WInches, Red Rooster Winches, Costa Hand Winches, Tiger Hand Winches, Yaletrac Pulling Machines and Hadef Electric & Air WInches.

To compliment these Winches, TRI also offer a range of sheaves, snatch blocks, lead blocks and pulley wheels including bespoke manufactured pulley arrangements to suit any type of requirements within the Winching System. These can be found in their own section of the product section of the site; Pulleys, Sheaves, Crane Blocks & Hooks.

If you have any queries regarding Winches then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team to discuss further.