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To compliment TRI’s range of working at height equipment, services and training we now have established a low level access range. 

What most people do not realise is that a high percentage of falls from height happen at low levels, which easily could be prevented by using the correct equipment to access your work area.

These items could be as simple as a set of podium steps that are 250 to 1500mm from the floor giving an enclosed work area so you have no danger of a fall.

There is still a place for ladders, steps and mobile steps when used correctly within the work place, sometimes you need these to actually get into the location for example with telescopic ladder systems.

For higher level work or difficult areas, TRI offer a range of standard and bespoke platforms, some of the more popular versions are the UGO Razordeck and Monkey Tower. Working with manufacturers we also can offer bespoke and custom access platforms to reach all those difficult areas.

Sometimes the only solution is scaffolding and if you are looking for purchase scaffolding, then TRI offer various systems to meet your requirements.

To compliment all of our access equipment, TRI offer a range of certified training courses for every product type within the sector.