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Tri Industrial Services
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TRI Industrial Services offers a large range of hoisting equipment from simple tasks at home to heavy duty industrial plants. These products can be manual hoists or powered hoists with various power from electric, air / pneumatic to hydraulic.

Some of these manual Hoists include; Hand Chain Blocks, Heavy Lifting machines also called Block & Tackle, Pullifts a brand name from Yale also called Ratchet Lever Hoists.

These can be used in conjunction with other products for attaching to structures such as Beam Clamps and Beam Trolleys or the Trolleys can be combined with a Chain Block / Hoist to form an Integral Trolley Hoist or Combination Hoist.

TRI also offer an extensive range of Powered Hoists for use on sites or within factories, these products can be found in many forms including such as; Electric Chain Hoist, / Electric Chain Blocks, Air / Pneumatic Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists, Hydraulic Chain Hoist, Crane Winches, Industrial Hoist, Crab Units, Electric Belt Hoists or Overhead Hoists. Some of these products can be used Offshore or within Explosive environments as they are manufactured in accordance with Atex regulations.

Specialist Hoists such as Tirak and Minifor from Tractel, and Mtrac from Yale are also available from TRI as well. Construction Hoists or Mini Hoists are available and Hoists used as Gantry Hoists or A Frame Hoists.

TRI Industrial Services work with a large group of hoist manufacturers to provide the exact Hoist for sale to meet the exact specifications of your particular requirements. These hoist manufacturers include but are not exclusive to;

Yale Hoists, Camlok Clamps, CM Hoists (Columbus Mckinnion), GIS Electric Hoists, Able Forge, Tiger Hoists, Red Rooster Air Hoists, JD Neuhaus (JDN) Air & Hydraulic Hoists,,  Gunnebo, Superclamps, Verlinde Hoists, Kito Electric Hoists, Misia Wire Rope Hoists, Nitchi Manual Hoists, Tractel, Hadef, Ingersoll Rand, Donati and RWM.

TRI aren’t limited to one manufacturer but find the correct solution to any particular scenario. Please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team to discuss your requirements.